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Beaufort and Rubrics January 12, 2017
Everything should be evidence-based - if only the evidence would make up its mind already May 18, 2016
QuickToC is now Theory Maker! February 8, 2016
Theory Maker and markdown February 8, 2016
Crowd sourced evaluation: did it work? January 11, 2016
Focus docs for crowd-sourced evaluation - why? January 10, 2016
Focus docs for crowd-sourced evaluation - the steps. January 10, 2016
Theory Maker - technical details November 12, 2015
Theory Maker - technical details November 12, 2015
Judea Pearl June 1, 2015
Assumptions and Context in Logic Models November 1, 2014
Measuring resilience August 10, 2014
Does maintaining supply of water and sanitation in IDP sites after the relief phase encourage people to stay in the sites? October 2, 2013
Does it make sense to try to measure progress on the highest levels of a logframe? June 22, 2013
Haiti: Request for Qualifications for research teams to conduct an impact evaluation of the Integrated Neighborhood Approach (INA) February 22, 2013
The five-year plan is dead, long live the five-year plan! January 14, 2013
IFRC Haiti Learning Conference and Evaluation Framework - main documents August 10, 2012
Using R for classification in small-N studies July 14, 2012
Outcome Mapping book chapter just out March 6, 2012
Illogical frameworks, composite results, and logframe bloat. November 26, 2011
Paradox of Evaluation Counterfactuals July 15, 2011
My first Reproducible Research Compendium December 14, 2010
Value and measurability in development October 19, 2010
Google docs a good way of reaching consensus? September 22, 2010
Three days, six people, three pages, one google doc September 21, 2010

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